Device would tackle problems with iPhone6

Apple goes for ‘bendability’ in latest product plan

AppleiPhone6Apple is said to be making a new push into the world of “bendable” smartphones.

The company secured a US patent  today for a “flexible electronic device” just months after its iPhone 6 Plus device was criticised for having the same propensity to bend.

Its patent is for components such as display screens that would work with flexible internal parts such as batteries and circuit boards. There are also drawings showing how the device could be bent, folded and squeezed.

Technology watchers say the device, whether or not it reaches the market, is evidence that Apple has not yet run out of ideas.

Samsung and LG have both been researching flexible and bendable phones and Apple’s patent shows that the iPhone maker also has its eye on this market.

“Flexible electronic devices may be more resistant to damage during impact events, such as drops, because the flexible device may bend or deform while absorbing the impact,” Apple said in its patent. “Deformation of this type may increase the duration of an impact, thereby reducing the impulse received by other components of the flexible device.”

The release of the iPhone 6 in September was blackened by “Bendgate” as many iPhone users’ handsets became deformed under pressure in their pockets.

Today’s patent suggests that the benefits of a flexible iPhone may go beyond avoiding such accidents and improve the handset’s overall durability.

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