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Swedes claim new ‘solution’ for smokers

It sits underneath the upper lip and sticks onto the gum and dissolves. From there nicotine is transferred into the bloodstream. And the Swedish company behind this new film product believes it is the perfect answer to smoking and e-cigarettes.

Ten years in the making, the product from Nicoccino, is about to be launched in the UK.  It has already secured 5,000 customers and plans to launch the product across Europe within the next two years.

The brand also hopes to expand into into America and Asia within the next five years.   Beyond this, Nicoccino intends to develop and launch a Nicotine Replacement Therapy product which will be a medically approved version of Nicoccino to help people stop smoking.

The company believes the product will appeal to those caught in a meeting at work, travelling on a long-haul flight or sitting down to a restaurant dinner with friends.

Chief executive Michel Bracke says the strength of the product combined with increasing safety concerns over e-cigarettes means that there will be greater demand for this type of product and he expects to attract three million customers across the EU within the next five years.

“Nicoccino will cause a stir, as it’s the first time that anyone has been able to create a pure nicotine containing product for smokers that truly delivers an instant effect,” he says.

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