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BCC boss wants focus on key issues

Politicians told ‘stop the point scoring’

John LongworthPoliticians have been urged to avoid point-scoring tactics in the run-up to the General Election for the good of the UK economy.

John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), has written to Westminster’s leaders, calling on them to “focus on the causes, not the symptoms of the challenges that face our United Kingdom”.

Longworth fears that politicians have become too concerned with attacking each other rather than looking to the issues that businesses want them to tackle.

“For many businesses, both small and large, one of the greatest sources of challenge and uncertainty in 2015 isn’t the state of global markets, but home-grown politics,” Mr Longworth said.

He wants politicians to help with training opportunities and supporting firms trying to trade around the world.

The BCC supports greater devolution of power across the UK to ensure more decisions are taken locally.

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