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Mike turns Velocity to digital marketing

Mike McGrailFormer Big Partnership spinner Mike McGrail is re-launching his Velocity business as a digital marketing consultancy. Sadly, it means laying off four staff in the New Year .

Mike says his service has been social media management, and while some good work has been achieved it was not what he intended to do and says demand for this service is “on the slide” for many businesses in the sector.

“I’m not saying that outsourced social media management is over, but I don’t think it is sustainable as a key service for agencies of our size,” he says in his blog.

“I do however believe that businesses are truly seeing the value of social media now – in fact some of our clients are now building in-house teams to handle it as our work has helped them to quantify the value. I suspect that trend will continue. As a young business, I need to make market-led decisions and that is the reality of this change of direction. All client projects are of course being fulfilled.”



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