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Bird and Cox unite in latest PR venture

Bird and CoxTwo former Scottish newspaper editors have joined forces to launch a public relations company, claiming their “two lifetimes of experience at the top of national newspapers” make their venture unique.

Bob Bird and Peter Cox have created The Editors and say on their website that they “know the men who control the UK’s media”.

Bird, former husband of BBC Scotland presenter Jackie, edited the Scottish edition of the News of the World and was also deputy editor of the paper in London.

Cox was editor of the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail and later acted as a consultant on the redesign of The Times as a tabloid. He returned to Glasgow as assistant editor of The Scottish Sun.

In a somewhat immodest press release they state: “We don’t want scores of clients because that means we’ll have to do what most PR consultancies and media trainers do…rely on juniors to deal with the problems. We’re happy to start small and stay small, if a little expensive.”




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