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Beer drinkers going along with the crowd

Beer affionados braved the stormy weather on Wednesday night for a pre-Christmas promotion in Edinburgh of Isle of Skye brewery’s range of ales – but with a little more in mind than the drinks on offer.

The company wants to build a visitor centre and recently launched a crowdfunding exercise through the Glasgow-based Squareknot website. The guys (they were mainly guys) who came along to the Standing Order in George Street were happy to put their money where their taste buds are.

There are actually two offers: one for craft beer enthusiasts and one for professional investors. The former get a range of rewards, including a dividend, for a minimum £90 investment. In total 20,000 of these B shares are available, representing 8% of the total share capital.

Professional investors get A shares at a discount but must stump up a minimum investment of £3,375 for 500. One drinker-cum-investor did exactly that, putting a smile on the face of Derek Bond, Squareknot’s managing director who was there to offer some encouragement.

Sadly, he couldn’t share the taste-in. “I’m driving,” he said, “and you can’t be too careful these days.”


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