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Allan Little to end 30-year stint at BBC

BBC reporter Allan Little, one of the best known names and voices on television and radio over the last 30 years, has announced he is leaving the corporation. It’s not known what he has planned except that he has decided it is time for a change.

Born in Dumfries and Galloway, he is a graduate of Edinburgh University. He joined BBC Scotland in 1983 as a news and current affairs researcher then moved to London in 1985 to train as a radio reporter.

He spent two years with BBC Radio Solent before moving to the BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme 1988 where he specialised in foreign reporting.

His job has since taken him to the Middle East, South Africa and Russia. He co-wrote (with Laura Silber)  The Death of Yugoslavia.

He is married to Scots journalist Sheena McDonald.


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