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A whisky mixer for the Beeb’s MTV coverage

We’re sure that when pop singer Nicki Minaj addressed the MTV awards in Glasgow she was making a genuine effort to acclimatise to the host nation. A pity the BBC Newsbeat people didn’t try a little harder to match her efforts.

In its report of the night it quoted Ms Minaj saying:  “I’ve been learning so much about your beautiful country and culture… I’ve pretty much become Scottish.”  The report went on to say she “rapped about whiskey and shortbread and sang part of The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.

It’s bad enough having a CNBC man mixing up Ireland and Scotland in a recent interview with Martin Shanahan, chief executive of the IDA Ireland interview here. A pity the BBC reporter doesn’t know that whiskey is Irish and American, while whisky is Scottish.

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