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Own a share of Britain’s green energy assets for £50

  • Company to raise £5m for investment in new green assets
  • Capital growth of 63% over nine years
Invidividuals seeking a home for their money while supporting the green energy revolution are being invited to own a piece of Scotland’s renewables electricity industry for as little as £50.
The public can apply to buy into a share issue launched today by Triodos Renewables to raise £5 million for investment in energy generating assets.
The company owns and operates eleven renewable energy projects across the UK, including windfarms in Dunfermline, the Orkney Islands and south-east of Loch Awe in Argyll.
Triodos is working with Trillion Fund, the crowd financing platform for renewable energy, to promote and distribute the offer. Individuals can invest a minimum of £50.16 for shares priced at £2.28.
Executive Director Matthew Clayton said: “We’ve decided to lower our minimum investment because we believe that investing in renewable energy should be an option to everyone and we want to provide a rewarding connection with renewable energy for even more people.”
The offer is open to both new investors and existing shareholders and the shares are tradable on a Matched Bargain Market marketed by Ethex and operated by Capita Share Dealing Services.
The company boasts a share price growth of 63% since 2005 and dividends have been paid in eight of the last nine years with an average dividend yield of 1.7% over the past three years.
Trillion Fund chief executive Julia Groves said: “Renewable energy can offer decent, steady returns for investors, with the added benefit of knowing your money is doing something good.
With more than one billion pounds invested in renewable in 2013, ordinary investors are waking up to opportunities to put their money to work and get a share of the profits, even if they have as little as £50 to invest.”
Triodos Renewables is owned by an ever growing number of shareholders. Already more than 5,000 people have invested in the company which focuses on projects that use proven technologies such as wind and hydro and operate on long-term contracts.
Over the last year it has increased its power generation capacity by 42% and it now owns and operates sites with a combined capacity of 53.4MW, sufficient to generate enough clean, green electricity to power 34,200 homes.
It is currently developing two new sites in Cambridgeshire and two in Scotland and is on track to reach its aim of 125MW renewable energy operating capacity by 2020. The company generated a record income of more than £10m in 2013.
Matthew Clayton, executive director, said: “In launching this share issue we are giving investors the opportunity to participate directly in the energy revolution in the UK by taking direct ownership of some of the country’s flagship renewable power projects.
“We grew our renewable energy generation capacity by 42% last year and generated record levels of green energy helping to achieve the UK’s target of generating 15% of renewable energy generation by 2020.”

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