Advertising & Branded Editorial

Daily Business offers a targeted and educated readership of mainly middle to senior management individuals who include decision makers acquainted with the internet and who are interested in the sort of lifestyle that is reflected in the editorial content of the site. They have:

  • a higher than average level of disposable income
  • an interest and possible involvement in sports
  • an interest in new technology
  • an interest in travel and adventure activities
  • an ambition to own or rent an above average-priced home
  • a desire to own an executive level car and luxury home furnishings and fashions
  • an interest in eating out

You can promote your company through display advertising, sponsorshipbranded editorial – or a combination of any of these. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Display advertising

All adverts on the website are “click through” so that your advert is linked directly to your website. Adverts can be static or animated and all are full colour.

Because Daily Business is regularly promoted and marketed through social media, your adverts will reach many more potential clients via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The adverts can appear on numerous pages and in various positions to maximise your reach.

Advertising is also available on the Daily Business E-Mail Bulletin which is issued directly and free of charge to several hundred senior business leaders, media professionals, advisers and other subscribers at least once per day. It provides an updated list of the latest breaking news with links to the articles on the Daily Business website.

Advertising on the Daily Business website (£)


Above titlepiece

Leaderboard (1 month)……………..………….……….………….….225


Between articles

Mid-Page Banner (1 month)…………………………………………..175


Right side of page

Medium rectangle (1 month) ………..………………………….……150


Advertising on the Daily Business email bulletin

1 week……….60

1 month…….225


Combined advert on website + daily email bulletin

1 week………175

1 month…….325



Please provide adverts in PNG or GIF format (website) and PNG for email.

email –

Tel – 07971 686038


Deals can be negotiated for certain columns, categories and special events such as The Budget, Edinburgh Festival, food and drink or music events. These will usually last for the duration of the event, but can cover longer periods. You can also sponsor columns on specialist topics. Packages include a combination of display advertising, editorial columns, URL links and social media marketing campaigns.

DB Media Services

Click here for full range of services, including photography, PR and copywriting

DB Direct – your articles directly online

DBdirect is an opportunity to promote your products and services, and celebrate your success in Awards competitions, directly to your target audience, such as potential customers or business partners.

DBdirect is a form of direct publishing that will allow you to place articles and announcements directly on the Daily Business website in your own words.

Articles on the Daily Business website can include the option of branding and click-through hyperlinks to your own company website or other documents. 

These articles are designed to promote your company and your products and services. They are not news releases, which will continue to be handled through the Daily Business newsdesk.

DBdirect can offer assistance with writing and compiling articles, and designing branding material.

What kind of articles are suitable?

Articles may address any topic of specific interest to your target audience, such as:

pricing and other sales information

– a celebration of an award

– invitations to tender

– businesses, divisions, property and other assets for sale, with full particulars

– involvement in a charity, news of a donation or sponsorship

legal and accountancy advice

– advice on technology, health and safety, building regulations

– management services

job vacancies

Where do the articles appear?

They appear prominently on the Home page of the Daily Business website, or as part of a key category or Magazine section.

Daily Business reserves the right to edit material to meet legal and editorial requirements.

How much does it cost?

A. Promotional article, including awards, with photograph

£55  Click here to go directly to the payments page

B.  All the above + up to three URL links

£120 Click here to go directly to the payments page

C. All the above + photography by DB Media Services

£225 Click here to go directly to the payments page

D. All the above + branding

£300 (£200 each for min. of three) Click here to go directly to the payments page

Corporate partnership 

Editorial + photography + link + branding + video.

A bespoke package of editorial and branded exposure with the addition of options, such as  interviews with key staff, media training, photography, video clips for use on websites, copywriting for a client’s website, reports or other publications, including third parties, and regular by-lined blogs by the client on the DB site + social media support.

A corporate partner would normally sign up for a minimum of six months with articles appearing at least once a month.

The content will include DB input in writing, photography and design services.


Who should you contact for information and to book space?


Tel: 07971 686038

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