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Startup Studio opens to help student businesses

Bright Red Triangle
Studio space

Bright Red Triangle – the enterprise hub at Edinburgh Napier – has launched a Startup Studio in the city centre.

Close to the Union Canal and the University’s Bainfield student accommodation, the studio will provide a space where entrepreneurial students, staff and alumni can come together to connect and develop their enterprise skills.

Bright Red Triangle has already supported a community of more than 600 innovators in developing enterprise skills, exploring ideas and capturing opportunities. 

The hub supports ideas from launch to long-term growth and sustainability, supplying the tools needed to successfully start and run a business through one-to-ones, bootcamps, workshops and networking opportunities.

Members are given access to all the necessary resources and support to kickstart a business, including PC access, fast, reliable and secure wi-fi, printing services, communal desks, meeting space and a tea and coffee station.

Fledgling entrepreneurs will also get access to a community of like-minded people, business advice, mentoring support and the University’s resources and networks.

Although the space is primarily to help students, staff and alumni establish businesses and boost their potential for success, BRT staff is also keen to meet people, nationally and internationally, who want to develop ties with the incubator and the University in general.  

Peter McLean, Bright Red Triangle Business Adviser, said: “In person interaction is key in business and sadly that has been missing for the last couple of years. We are delighted we can bring the BRT community back together in an amazing space.” 

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