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Whisky and cashmere urged to join Russia ban

Natural colour wall at Macallan distillery, Speyside
Whisky producers are urged to ban sales to Russia (pic: Terry Murden)

All Scottish exporters are being urged to stop trading with Russia as the country’s invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate.

The SNP has called on industries such as whisky and cashmere producers to join the international community in sanctioning Russia.

Scottish companies would join other corporations such as Apple, BP, Centrica, Shell, Harley-Davidson and Abrdn which have pulled funding or products out of Russia and firms with ties to the country.

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes said economic sanctions “need to be further strengthened” and called for any Scottish businesses operating in Russia to cease trading there.

“Any business based here that is still investing in or active in Russia should be aware that in a globalised economy, business has a moral responsibility to play its part and to make clear that aggressor states will not benefit from international trade and investment,” she said ahead of delivering her new strategy for the Scottish economy.

SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop added: “Scotland can take a lead here by companies stopping Russia from importing their products – sending a clear message that Scotland completely condemns the actions of the Russian government and they will suffer consequences as a result.

“Some of Scotland’s most vital export industries have markets in Russia, but if they continue to allow exports then it will only further fund the Russian war machine that is bringing untold horror to the people of Ukraine.

“We have already seen severe sanctions on Russia from large corporations and Scottish business can play its part by also placing their own sanctions on the country by stopping doing business with Russia. A serious trade embargo should cover exports as well as imports.

“We all have a role to play, no matter how big or small, and Scottish exporters can hold back Scotland’s world-class produce to send a message that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine.”

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body has called for all Russian holdings in the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme to be divested with immediate effect.

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