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Training specialist charms firms with new app

Russell Wardrop and Sharon McLellan

Kissing with Confidence, the specialist training company owned by husband-and-wife team Russell Wardrop and Sharon McLellan, is launching a business development app to help companies achieve their sales goals.

Launched on Valentine’s Day, RainTruffle represents a £100,000 investment over the past 18 months.

KWC chief executive Russell Wardrop said, “More than ever people need the tools to help them expand, or even create networks, and proactively manage business development, especially as we navigate the new hybrid way of working.

“In some respects, this is a huge opportunity as tech enables our markets to be both global and accessible, but the same fundamental barriers remain – confidence, lack of motivation, and the need for enhanced skills and behaviours necessary to drive business growth.  

“There is no question that lack of in-person face-to-face time is an issue, but there is no reason not to go out and get busy as the working world reinvents itself.”

The app launch coincides with the best year for the 11-employee Glasgow-based business, with turnover up by 39%.

Sharon McLellan, managing director, said, “The pandemic forced us to totally re-engineer every aspect of our business which we can now see was a really positive change.   We were used to our trainers jumping on trains and planes and travelling all over Europe to deliver training courses and that completely changed almost overnight.”

She added: “We have become far more efficient and whilst we are now travelling more again, there’s a lot of work still delivered online and the savings, both in time and money, this has presented clients and us is huge. 

“Embedding learning and measuring impact by demonstrating return on investment is what it’s all about. The training world has been reimagined for good and this is a great outcome from a terrible crisis.”

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