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Manchester beer firm ends contract with BrewDog

Cloudwater beers will no longer be brewed by BrewDog

A brewery in Manchester has ended a deal with BrewDog just hours after the screening of a damning television documentary about the Scottish company.

BrewDog produces craft beers under contract for Cloudwater which supplies them to Tesco supermarkets.

The Manchester brewery released a statement on Tuesday morning, saying that it will wind down its contract with Brewdog early.

The company told local media that the decision to end the contract had been “in the pipeline for the last couple of months”.

But the timing of the announcement will not go unnoticed as it came after the BBC Disclosure programme on Monday night made a series of allegations about BrewDog’s marketing tactics and the behaviour of its CEO James Watt.

Cloudwater’s spokesman said: “At the very start of last year, we entered into a contract with Brewdog to supply Tesco stores.

“When the contract was produced, the opportunities, outlook and the context for this agreement looked very different.

“Following a review of the situation, including consideration of alternative opportunities through grocery to support the breweries involved in the Beer With Big Ideas initiative, we have begun the process of winding down the contract with Brewdog early, and have notified Tesco of our decision.

“It will take time for both completion of remaining contractual negotiations and for long supply pipelines to clear.”

Mr Watt has denied any wrongdoing, and said that the allegations against him are false.

He said: “The BBC published claims which are totally false & they published them despite the extensive evidence we provided to demonstrate that they were false. Reluctantly, I am now forced to take legal action against the BBC to protect my reputation.”

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  1. Typical BBC. Smeared Corbyn with false information, too. Ignored the shortcomings of the CONservatives and now look what we’re stuck with. Good luck James.
    Abolish the licence fee.

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