Pandemic response

Rising steel price led firm to develop new safety rail

Kite’s clients include Edinburgh Tram

A site safety specialist has developed an innovative system of installing handrails on rigs, railways and other industrial locations more quickly and cheaply than traditional products.

Anthony Wells, managing director of Edinburgh-based Kite Group, developed the new system as a response to rising steel prices during the pandemic.

Called ModiFix, it requires less steel, requires fewer clamps and less welding, and is therefore cheaper to produce as well as being easier to install. It the first major change to handrails since the 1930s.

Kite Group has more than 500 clients across the UK and major projects in Scotland have included the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh Trams and Edinburgh Airport.

Speaking about the new handrails, Mr Wells said: “They have been around so long and are so prevalent that no-one stopped to think how they could be improved.

“The innovation we have brought to this is genuinely transformative and brings multiple benefits for health and safety, for the environment – and also in terms of reduced costs.

“While this might not mean much to the man in the street, it is of huge interest to local authorities, facilities managers, engineers and contractors or subcontractors across huge numbers of sites.”

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