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EV charging point plan falls ‘woefully short’ says Labour

Michael Matheson and ChargePlace
Michael Matheson: draft vision

Scottish Government plans to double the number of public electric vehicle charging points has been described as “woefully” inadequate.

The private sector is expected to provide half of the £60m fund that will be distributed to local authorities over the next four years.

Transport Michael Matheson said the government had already provided £50m to set up 2,100 charging points and the government will begin working with design specialists at V&A Dundee to plan a public network.

“Our draft vision provides a clear picture of what electric vehicle charging networks must deliver for drivers across Scotland, and our priorities for achieving those changes,” he said.

Scottish Labour said the plan falls “woefully short” of the 30,000 public charging points that climate experts say will be needed by 2030 when the Government intends to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.

Labour’s Transport spokesperson Colin Smyth said: “This was a master class from the SNP in under-delivery that will leave Scotland’s electric car owners stuck at the side of the road.

“We’ll need anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 public electric vehicle charging points by 2030 when the ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars kicks in- but the plan for just an extra couple of thousand from the Scottish Government falls woefully short.

“It’s just not good enough. We need to go further and faster. In our budget proposals Labour set out plans to increase the number by 4,000 a year.

“The SNP Government should also get on with bringing Scotland in line with England and make it a requirement that new homes should be built with charging points.”

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