Trust set up

Turf contractor moves to employee ownership


Client: Hampden Park

A turf contractor which has supplied surfaces at top venues such as Gleneagles, Hampden Park and Murrayfield, has moved into employee ownership.

Greentech Sportsturf has set up an employee ownership trust to put the long term future of the company in hands of those working for it.

The firm, based near Stirling, was launched in 1998 by Tom Brannan, who died in 2015, Kevin Brunton and Hugh Murray.

After opting for an employee ownership trust, Mr Brunton said: “It will also enable the employees to have collective control of their future, directly benefit from the ongoing success of the business.

“Employee ownership means clients need not be concerned with Greentech Sportsturf being acquired and the potential associated disruption that can lead to.”

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