SCAPE deal

Portal aims to cut waste in construction sector

Construction firms produce a lot of waste

A data management platform that aims to reduce waste and overspending by the construction sector has been acquired by public procurement authority SCAPE Scotland.

The industry produces 60 million tonnes of waste every year, while budget over-runs lead to almost £1.4 billion in lost profit.

SCAPE, which assesses the delivery of more than 1,800 publicly-funded projects across the UK, says the Construction Waste Portal will helps contractors predict, plan and prevent waste through intelligent data use.

The platform also provides a direct connection with waste management specialists.

Mark Robinson, group chief executive at SCAPE Scotland, said: “Through this disruptive portal, we can drive a marked reduction in waste and carbon emissions, as well as reduce the overall cost of waste in pursuit of a more circular, low carbon economy.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with our construction sector partners to bring the portal into regular use on our clients’ projects very soon.” 

John Logan, founder of Construction Waste Portal, said: “The core principle of the portal is to apply data science so that contractors can produce accurate forecasts and prioritise the reduction of waste over and above recycling it.

“In sharing these values, SCAPE is the perfect partner for embedding the platform as a central feature in the industry’s strategy on waste; connecting construction partners to the best resource management companies across Scotland.”

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