Husband and wife lead surge in sales at DM Hall

Margaret and Jonathan Mitchell

As one of the few husband and wife teams working in the specialist surveying sector of business sales and valuation with DM Hall, Margaret and Jonathan Mitchell see eye-to eye about their ambitions for their revitalised department.

But there is scope for a difference of opinion on some matters. Asked if they take work home to the kitchen table, Jonathan emphatically replied: “Yes!” At the same moment, and equally emphatically, Margaret said: “No!”

The fact that they then both burst out laughing perhaps reflects the comfortable nature of a relationship which is introducing a new dynamism into the Scotland-wide firm’s business sales and valuation department.

Jonathan Mitchell is an associate RICS valuer while Margaret is a chartered surveyor in the Edinburgh Commercial office of DM Hall Chartered Surveyors.

Since the Edinburgh-based team took on responsibility at the beginning of the year for the division, which advises clients at national and local level on valuation, sales, and acquisitions, it has boosted both completed and pipeline sales.

The speed at which they have reinvigorated the department – Mrs Mitchell moved over to the department in March this year and her husband returned to DM Hall after several years in the wider UK – has parallels in their own relationship.

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