Scottish Budget

Forbes likely to reopen UK-Holyrood funding battle

Kate Forbes delivering Scottish budget

Kate Forbes: fairer and greener

Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes will today promise a Budget that will underpin the economy and health services while pushing blame for any “under-funding” on to Westminster.

She will announce a range of measures, backed up by investment, to tackle inequality, lift children out of poverty and create a “fairer country”.

In a pre-Budget statement said it will be a “bold and ambitious package of public investment that delivers on the priorities which matter most to the people of Scotland” that provides taxpayers with “stability and support”.

She said she will set out clearly “how we will accelerate our Covid recovery, and crucially, how our spending plans will set Scotland on a new ambitious path.

But Ms Forbes is expected to shift any blame for Holyrood’s inability to achieve its goals on the spending deal from Westminster.

“It has been a challenging Budget due to the continuing impact of the pandemic, and the uncertainty and worry that Covid poses for us all,” she said.

“This has been confounded by the UK Government’s decision to remove necessary Covid consequential funding at a time when we undeniably need to help our public services.

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