New PM setback

‘Disillusioned’ Brexit minister Lord Frost quits

Lord Frost

Discontented: Lord Frost

Brexit Minister Lord Frost has resigned from Boris Johnson’s Government saying he is disillusioned with Tory policy.

Lord Frost, who negotiated Britain’s departure from the EU as Brexit Minister, quit a week ago but had been talked into staying until mid-January, according to government sources.

The government’s Covid response is said to be the last straw amid growing discontent over other policies such as taxation and the soaring cost of net zero.

It is the latest setback for the Prime Minister following a series of Christmas party scandals, the Owen Paterson affair, a rebellion of backbench MPs and the crushing North Shropshire by-election defeat.

In a recent speech to the Centre for Policy Studies Lord Brexit said he believed in low taxation and no vaccine passports. He said : “We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the European Union from Britain with Brexit, only to import that European model after all this time.”

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