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Wizz Air orders 102 fuel-efficient Airbus aircraft

The Airbus A321

Wizz Air has ordered 102 Airbus A321 aircraft which it claims to be the game-changer it predicted at the time of its first purchase in 2015.

This new order, to be  divided between 75 Airbus A321neo and 27 Airbus A321XLR will be delivered between 2025 and 2027.

The low-cost carrier could also buy 19 Airbus A321neo, as the manufacturer granted rights for delivery of 75 of the same model in 2028-2029. It will bring Wizz Air’s outstanding orders with Airbus to 429.

The Hungary-based airline claims that if all European airlines renewed their fleet with fuel and cost-efficient planes they would cut the whole industry’s CO2 emissions by a third.

József Váradi, Wizz Air’s chief executive, said:  “These are by far the most fuel and cost efficient aircraft in their class – supporting us in maintaining our position as the most sustainable airline in Europe and reaching our sustainability goals of reducing CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by 25% by 2030.

“It is important to note that if all European airlines switched to a modern Airbus A320/1 fleet like Wizz Air and operated them as efficiently as Wizz Air, the whole industry’s CO2 emissions would reduce by 34% overnight.  

Wizz Air is the fastest growing European low-cost airline and operates a fleet of 144 Airbus aircraft.

In September easyJet said it had rejected a takeover approach from an undisclosed rival. Sources claimed this was Wizz Air.

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