Campaign to resume

Sturgeon pledges indyref vote ‘at end of 2023’

independence march Edinburgh October 2018

Flying the flag: Nicola Sturgeon will put a new case for separation (pic: Terry Murden)

Scots face almost two years of campaigning on independence after Nicola Sturgeon promised a new referendum at the end of 2023.

The SNP leader and First Minister told her party conference that “I would not be discharging my duty to the people of Scotland if I did not seek to keep the promise on which we were elected – to offer the people of Scotland the choice of a better future through independence.”

Ms Sturgeon, who earlier called for all nations of the UK to come together to tackle the omicron crisis, declared that her party would set out a new, positive case for separation.

The campaign would “resume in earnest”, probably in the spring, she said, and she urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to let Scotland decide.

“In the course of next year, I will initiate the process necessary to enable a referendum before the end of 2023,” she told delegates watching the virtual conference.

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