FM grilling

Sturgeon invited to face MPs at Westminster

Nicola Sturgeon acknowledging audience after conference speech

Nicola Sturgeon: invited to the Commons (pic: Terry Murden)

MPs have invited First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to Westminster to be grilled on a range of issues from renewables to welfare policy.

The Scottish Affairs Committee wants Ms Sturgeon to provide oral evidence after recent hearings offered recommendations to both the UK and Scottish governments.

“The First Minister’s appearance would offer an opportunity to discuss a number of these issues further, ranging from renewable energy to welfare policy,” the committee’s office said in a statement.

“It would also be a chance for members of the Committee and the First Minister to discuss the working relationship between the two governments, and what improvements could be made to formal and informal dialogue channels.”

The invitation follows the Welsh First Minister’s appearance before the Welsh Affairs Committee in March 2021.

Scottish Affairs Committee chairman Pete Wishart said: “We are inviting the First Minister to appear before our committee to discuss a number of issues which are also the responsibility of the Scottish Government, such as areas of welfare policy and higher education.

“Her evidence will be invaluable in considering the ongoing work between the UK and Scottish governments, and how this relationship could be strengthened to benefit the Scottish people.

“I look forward to hearing whether the First Minister will accept our invitation, for what will surely be an unmissable event.”

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