Employee trust

Staff become owners of firm launched in a living room

Wee Blue Coo

Wee Blue Coo team celebrate

A couple who launched a design and print business in their living room more than a decade ago have handed ownership to their 30 staff.

Bob and Joelle Kirkpatrick set up Wee Blue Coo after being made redundant during the 2008 financial crash.

The business has grown to an annual revenue of more than £2 million and the couple have decided to reward loyal staff who have helped it grow.

They have opted for an Employee Ownership Trust managed by Ownership Associates, EQ Accountants and Anderson Strathearn.

Mr Kirkpatrick said: “This was the only real option to ensure we safeguarded the futures of those who have contributed to our company’s success.

“The Employee Ownership Trust seems like a perfect and logical way to structure any business.”

Founder of Ownership Associates, Carole Leslie, who has worked on the transitions of more than 80 private businesses to the succession model, said: “It is inspiring to see two entrepreneurs succeed in their business throughout the difficulties of redundancy and a global financial crash.”

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