Johnson 'disappointed'

PM attacks India and China for weakening COP26 deal

Yuqia Coal Mine, Qinghai Province, China (pic: Darmau Lee)

Boris Johnson has turned on China and India, accusing them of weakening global efforts to abandon fossil fuels.

The two countries lodged eleventh hour changes to the final communique from the COP26 summit to water down a climate change deal.

It meant the section on unabated coal – the burning of coal without climate change mitigating technology – was changed from “phasing out’ coal to “phasing down,” prompting environmental campaigners to claim the deal would not achieve the goals required to reduce global warming.

Experts said the two countries had acted cynically by leaving their objections to the latest possible moment and to protect self-interest rather than meet their obligations to the rest of the world.

The Prime Minister used a televised press conference to insist that the Glasgow summit had been a ‘historic success’ that ‘sounded the death knell’ for coal power generation.

But he also voiced disappointment’ at the late intervention of Beijing and New Delhi  – two of the world’s worst polluters.

Speaking alongside COP26 president Alok Sharma, Mr Johnson said: “Of course, my delight at this progress is tinged with disappointment.

“Those for whom climate change is already a matter of life and death, who can only stand by as their islands are submerged, their farm land turned to desert, their homes battered by storms, they demanded a high level of ambition from this summit.

“While many of us were willing to go there, that wasn’t true of everybody. Sadly that’s the nature of diplomacy.

“We can lobby, we can cajole, we can encourage, but we cannot force sovereign nations to do what they do not wish to do.’

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