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Offord heckled by McKee over UK record in Scotland

Lord Offord: ‘competition is not coming from us’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish Office minister Lord Offord was today heckled by Holyrood trade minister Ivan McKee over the UK government’s record in Scotland.

Lord Offord told a conference in Edinburgh that any suggestion that the two were in “competition” against each other “was not coming from us”.

He said Scotland was treated “equally and fairly” with the rest of the UK.

Lord Offord, who was controversially appointed by Boris Johnson, listed a programme of UK policy actions from furlough support to levelling up that had benefited Scotland.

Speaking at the SCDI Forum at the EICC, he said he was working behind the scenes to keep Scotland’s failed carbon capture project at the forefront of Treasury minds after it was put on a reserve list behind two other projects from the north of England.

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