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New climate change monitor exhibited at COP26

New Energy Matrix technology used for tagging trees to validate a green initiative

A new technology platform which takes a huge step towards meaningful global climate change accountability has been specially selected for presentation for the COP26 summit next week.

The New Energy Matrix is a global ecosystem software platform developed by Isle of Man-based data management specialist, Curtis & Associates Group.

It allows citizens, institutions such as schools, companies great and small, and government regulators to post and monitor their carbon footprints and net zero targets in a transparent, fair, verifiable and immutable way.

A unique validation process within the decentralised ecosystem platform guarantees that there cannot be any zero counting or double counting of net zero efficiencies, and also addresses the vexed issue of “greenwashing”, where many companies claim to be offsetting their emissions without evidence or proof.

Curtis & Associates also has the credibility of practising what it preaches. While many companies have set net zero targets for dates in the future, it has become one of the few enterprises to have already achieved net zero for all Scope emissions in 2020.

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