Recruiter on lookout

Core-Asset Consulting on lookout for acquisitions

Betsy Williamson

Betsy Williamson: dug deep

Recruitment firm Core-Asset Consulting said it has revived its search for acquisitions, particularly in the fintech or IT sectors.

The Edinburgh firm’s plans, which were set out before the pandemic struck, follow a strong rebound in hiring. It expects to replicate last year’s revenue of about £15 million. 

Betsy Williamson, managing director of the 30-strong firm, said: “We’ve dug deep and I’m proud of how the team has kicked on to put the business in such a good position. 

“It means the timing is perfect to go back on the offensive, adding resources in this specialist area to complement our pre-existing market presence. Our success and resourcefulness mean that we have ring-fenced funds with a view to investing in more aggressive expansion.

“We’re in a great place for so many reasons. We own our Melville Street townhouse building and have significant amounts of space that we could devote to a new team. 

“While we’re doing our own research in the market we’d welcome any contact from heads of firms looking to an exit or seeking to scale down.”  

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