'Dire warnings'

Business demands more help if vaccine passport extended

vaccine passport entry

Vaccine checks may be extended

Scottish ministers are coming under growing pressure to offer further financial support for hospitality and other sectors if, as expected, the government extends vaccine passports and other measures to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Devi Sridhar, chairman of global public health at Edinburgh University, says it may be necessary to ban the unvaccinated from pubs and restaurants. The scheme is currently limited to nightclubs, sports stadiums and other big gatherings.

Ms Sridhar’s advice is aimed at avoiding tougher restrictions later in the winter, and she has highlighted measures being taken elsewhere, in particular Austria which has ordered the unvaccinated to stay at home for all but visits to shops, essential work and for medical treatment.

Business groups in Scotland now fear that a tightening of restrictions is all but inevitable but have warned of “dire consequences” for the economy if there is not adequate financial support in place.

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