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Zuckerberg says Facebook claims paint ‘false picture’


Under pressure: Facebook

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered an emotional defence of the social media giant last night amid criticism of its practices and influence on young people.

Mr Zuckerberg, speaking on a call with analysts after the release of third quarter figures, said large companies should be scrutinised, but accused Facebook’s critics of using leaked documents to “paint a false picture” of the company.

Whistleblower Frances Haugen travelled to London to offer MPs her support for the UK government’s plan to impose external regulation on social networks.

Ms Haugen, a former Facebook employee, said they were right to rein in the tech company’s management and reduce what she called the damage being done to society.

She released tens of thousands of documents about its internal operations and told the parliamentary hearing that social media platforms needed to take some responsibility for content on their sites.

She said that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and used by millions of children worldwide, may never be safe for pre-teens.

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