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Stamp Free wins innovation of the year award

Stamp Free’s digicode app

Stamp Free, the digital postage stamp company, won the Retail and Customer Service Innovation of the Year award at the 2021 Parcel & Post International Expo, which took place between 12 and 14 October in Vienna.

As part of its successful awards submission, Stamp Free shared its vision of how the postal and carrier industry will be shaped using artificial intelligence, enabling a label-free and contact-free mail and returns journey.

The award recognises the dramatic change being experienced by the retail sector in the postal industry, including the rise of self-service solutions and online services, whilst also acknowledging the major role retail still plays in the postal companies’ overall business model.

With businesses increasingly looking for an omni-channel approach to retail by providing a combination of online and brick and mortar services, the award highlights stand-out developments in this area.

Hugh Craigie Halkett, managing director of Edinburgh-based Stamp Free, said: We are deeply grateful for this industry validation of the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution as we are to all the postal companies and carriers we are currently working with to bring the benefits of our mobile phone based digital postage products to their customers, both businesses and consumers.

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