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Raise your staff’s eco awareness with Go Green

Delegates to COP26 have bought their tickets and are leafing through their Glasgow guidebooks. More than 30,000 climate experts, campaigners, policymakers and world leaders are about to descend on the city for the most keenly-anticipated environmental event for years.

As they gather to debate how to make progress on climate change, hundreds of thousands of people will attend side events in citizen meeting spaces to engage with each other on wide-ranging aspects of environmental awareness.

The UK Government, as host, has acted by example with legally binding targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction and the Scottish Government has burnished its credentials with plans for net zero emissions by 2045.

But fine words butter no parsnips, as the saying goes, and once all the talking is over and Glasgow settles back into its dark winter normality, it will be time to take a long, hard look at what is actually happening on the ground.

In the factories, schools, offices, businesses and workplaces across the country, is the message getting through? Is there a recognition that time is of the essence if we want to create a sustainable future? Or will it just be back to business as usual?

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