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SNP ‘hindering fish exports to score Brexit points’

Seafood exports are being held up

UPDATE 8 JAN: The SNP Government has been accused of deliberately causing hold-ups of export paperwork in order to pin the blame on Brexit.

Scottish Tories say the SNP is “not lifting a finger” to help Scottish fishing exports while the IT failures in the UK and France have been “quickly cleared up”. 

The SNP hit back, blaming the Tories for failing to provide the promised “frictionless trade”.

Checks in Scotland are performed by Scottish Government agencies, and Jimmy Buchan of the Scottish Seafood Association said that a check that should take no more than one hour “is taking nearly five hours.”

He added: “The problem is definitely in Scotland, at the hubs prior to dispatch. It’s the one thing that we have continuously asked Government, are they ready? They kept asking us, were we ready? And we are ready, but it appears that Government are not.”

Scottish Conservative MP for Banff and Buchan, David Duguid, said: “The Scottish Conservatives are working constructively, engaging with stakeholders and both of Scotland’s government to make sure our world-class fishing exports reach their destination as quickly as possible.

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“The SNP don’t seem to be lifting a finger. How can they plausibly claim that Food Standards Scotland have enough resources when industry experts are telling us that checks in Scotland are taking five times as long as they should?

“It’s a sad fact that the government in Edinburgh are crossing their fingers and hoping for failure so they can try to score political points, instead of doing their job and giving the Scottish fishing industry all the necessary resources.

“Funding provided to the SNP for Brexit preparations, alongside funding for business support in general, have gone unspent. The SNP are doing the bare minimum and it’s creating huge issues.

8 Comments to SNP ‘hindering fish exports to score Brexit points’

  1. From what I can gather apart from the French deliberately making things difficult Just how much effort and cash has the Scottish foods agency put into smoothing the path of seafood exports post Jan 1 2021. Why are the SNP blaming the British Government when they keep insisting Scotland is capable of self government. How much has Scotland spent of the £8+ billion in any useful way to facilitate the transition? Does anyone actually know?

  2. How is the Scottish Government responsible for this disaster? They were only informed of the details of this ‘deal’ two days before the end of the transition period on Jan 1. It was only passed in Westminster on Dec 30. After a grand total of five hours of debate. Buchan and the Tories are completely responsible for this mess. Their brass necks can probably be seen from orbit. The Scots are wise to their craven shamelessness.

    This is just another example of the toxic inability of Tories to accept responsibility for the wreckage to society they continuously leave in their wake.

  3. Deal or no deal disruption was always anticipated. BUT WHAT HAS DEFRA DONE IN TERMS OF BUFFERING THIS, IN TERMS OF GETTING THE MAJOR SUPERMARKETS TO TAKE UP THE FISH BEING BLOCKED BY FRANCE? DEFRA HAS DONE NOTHING AT ALL. It is run by remainers, Eustice and Prentis, my guess they are happy to sit behinid their protectionist desks and hope Brexit goes wrong. Same goes for Welsh Lamb, easily absorbed by the home marked IF PREPARATORY WORK HAD BEEN DONE. Gove has sat on his hands, ruining the NI import system and gifting the EU power, hoping to get the PM job .

  4. Oh dear you told people to vote for Brexit, now it’s coming back to hit you in the face and you are looking to put the blame on someone else.

    You get what you voted for. Accept responsibility for something for a change instead of trying to always blame the SNP.

    “We hold all the cards” … “frictionless trade” … you were living in a dream world if you believed the lies.

  5. It doesn’t appear that Cornish fisherman are blaming the SNP.

    • Why do you not mention the vast majority of export activity that is taking place with no problems because companies have prepared. Many tens of thousands of companies are trading fine with their products travelling across the border fine.

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