Yes vote gains support

Third of unionists wavering over independence

independence march Edinburgh October 2018

Independence is gaining support (pic: Terry Murden)

Almost a third of Scots who voted against independence in 2014 are either unsure or would vote Yes to separation, according to a new poll.

In one of the strongest indicators of support for independence, 19% who backed the union now say they do not know how they would vote in another referendum while 13% have swung behind splitting from the UK.

However, the Survation poll also revealed a degree of uncertainty among Yes voters. Of those who voted for independence, 8% would now vote against while 9% are unsure.

Excluding Don’t Knows, the poll for pro-independence campaign group Progress Scotland found 53% support leaving the union compared with 47% against.

Significantly, 64% of respondents expressing an opinion now think Scotland would become independent if a vote was held and 56% would support another vote taking place.

Progress Scotland’s managing director and former SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: “This poll shows how much opinion is changing in Scotland towards Scottish independence.

“After a series of sustained opinion poll findings indicating majority support for independence, this large poll demonstrates the scale of the momentum and the factors which are driving people from No to Yes.

“It is extremely striking that the highest-ever percentage of voters in Scotland now believe that there would be a Yes victory if a referendum were held tomorrow and that one-third of 2014 No voters have changed their minds to Yes or are not sure how they would vote.”

Progress Scotland surveyed of 2,093 people.

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