Sustainable woodlands

Forestry’s benefits to climate change ‘under-stated’

Stuart Goodall: ‘we are ahead of the curve’ (pic: Terry Murden)

Scotland’s forestry sector needs to shake off its tag as a destroyer of trees and natural habitat and show that it can help fight climate change while offering a huge opportunity for jobs and investment, a conference heard.

One of the industry’s leading figures told a gathering in Edinburgh that it had been “ahead of the curve” on the benefits of tree plant and harvesting, but had failed to challenge negative views.

Stuart Goodall, chief executive of Confor, said it was time for the industry to be recognised for its contribution to biodiversity and how it offered solutions to the problems climate change and flooding.

“Forestry is ahead of the curve. We are now dusting off things we were doing 10 years ago when people were not ready to hear what we were saying,” he said.

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Malzee swiping for trees

Inspired by Sir David Attenborough’s visit to Edinburgh, Scottish fashion app Mallzee has launched a Swipe To Plant initiative, partnering with non-profit organisation One Tree Planted to turn every swipe made on the free Mallzee apps into tree plant funding.

The week long green initiative focuses on highlighting the sustainable fashion ranges available on the shopping app whilst also helping fund reforestation globally. Already 172 trees have been funded.

Sustainable collections featured on the app include Topshop CONSIDERED, Zara Join Life and Monki Cares. These collections are made up of sustainably sourced materials and use production methods and suppliers that produce their products in a more responsible way. 

Cally Russell, Mallzee CEO ,said; “We launched our Swipe To Plant initiative to highlight the sustainable fashion options available and decided to turn swipes into tree planting funding, having, like so many others, been deeply moved by the devastating forest fires in Australia when over 8.8 million acres of bush were destroyed.”

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