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McDonalds and Iceland in recycling pledge

McDonalds packaging

Recycled material is already used in most McDonald’s packaging

Fast food giant McDonald’s has announced that it will use only sustainable packaging from 2025.

All items such as bags, straws, wrappers and cups will use recyclable or renewable materials – up from around 50%.

It is the biggest move yet by a global brand and was accompanied by a similar pledge by the supermarket chain Iceland that it would also sharply reduce the use of plastic by the end of 2013.

McDonald’s also wants 100% of its restaurants to recycle packaging by 2025, compared with only 10% now.

It’s announcement, while welcomed by environmentalists, confirms previous pledges. Four years ago it said it was looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging in its restaurants and across the whole business.

It said in December 2013 that it was using renewable materials to make approximately 89% of its packaging, and recycled the cardboard boxes used in more than 95% of its restaurants.

As of that date it had reduced the amount of corrugated cardboard waste sent to landfill by 14,700 tonnes each year.

All of its cup holders were recycled and fully biodegradable.


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