SNP furious over EU talks

Outrage over single market access plan for London

joan-mcalpineThe UK Government has come in for criticism for demanding a special deal giving the City of London access to the European single market.

The SNP says Westminster should also allow Scotland to have single market membership.

This latest development comes on a day of further confusion and uncertainty, with reports also emerging of cabinet infighting on immigration, political leaders in Ireland cautioning of economic “disaster” on both sides of the border, and German car manufacturers warning of a UK car industry decline if access to the EU single market is lost.

SNP MSP and convener of Holyrood’s Europe Committee, Joan McAlpine, said: “The revelation that the UK government is exploring options to keep the City of London in the single market – spending billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in the process – means it is simply not tenable for Theresa May and her ministers to claim it is impossible to look at similar arrangements for Scotland.

“The Tories have been continually dismissive of the Scottish Government’s efforts to keep Scotland in the EU, and this latest development exposes the double standards at play and the Conservatives’ contempt for Scottish voters.

““Quite simply, if the UK Government is able and willing to pursue a special deal for London, then they should also be able to consider a special deal to keep Scotland in the single market – given the overwhelming vote by people across Scotland to remain in Europe.

“The ongoing uncertainty and confusion over Brexit is proving deeply damaging to Scotland. The added confusion and warnings from Irish leaders over economic ‘disaster’, cabinet infighting over a ‘hard Brexit’ and the threats to the UK car industry if the Tories pursue a future outside the single market all show just how ill-prepared and wrong-headed the Tories are on our economic future.

“The Scottish Government has been working hard to protect Scotland’s interests and our membership of the European Union, put under threat by a hard-right Tory Brexit – and will continue exploring all options to protect Scotland, including the option of independence if the Tories insist on tearing us out of the world’s biggest single market.”


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