Relationship 'over'

Mone ‘too busy’ for Barbados golfer

Michelle Mone LordsBaroness Mone has blamed her busy work schedule for the break up of her relationship with Barbados-based golfer Stefan Soroka.

The lingerie businesswoman, who will be 45 next week, has declined to comment on the split.

A source told a Sunday newspaper that her work has taken off so much since she met Stefan and sold her lingerie company, Ultimo, that they’ve found it increasingly difficult to spend any time together.

She is said to have made 20  trips to see him in Barbados but found it increasingly difficult to make it work because of her other commitments.

Lady Mone was elevated to the House of Lords last year and was appointed an adviser to former Prime Minister David Cameron.

She was commissioned to wrie a report on access to funding new businesses for those in deprived areas. It is not clear what action has been taken following its publication earlier this year.


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